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Build-A-Block™ Large Quilt Project

  1. Read time: 4 minutes
  2. Written by: admin

Our Build-A-Block™ system has been the most exciting recent product launch in patchwork and we are so proud of this product concept and how well received it’s been!

Our tenth and final step-by-step guide in our dedicated project series, details how you can make this beautiful large quilt using our lovely Fox In The Wood fabric.

You will need

Build-A-Block™ dies
Threaders Fox in the Wood fabric collection
Gemini die-cutting machine
Stick & Spray fabric adhesive
Sewing machine
Walking foot
Basic sewing kit

Fabric preparation

To create this size quilt you will need to cut:
320 Build-A-Block™ 2.5” squares
160 Build-A-Block™ 4.5” half square triangles
20 Build-A-Block™ 4.5” squares
Sashing 6.5x32cm (2.5×12.5”)
Sashing 6.5x42cm (2.5×16.5”)

Step 1

Starting with your first block sew two half square triangles together using a 0.5cm (¼”)
seam allowance. Repeat this process three more times so you now have four squares.

Step 2

Take four of the 2.5” squares and sew them together to create a 4.5” square. Repeat this
process three more times to create your 4 squares.

Step 3

To create the first line of your block, take the following squares and sew them in a strip using
a 0.5cm (¼”) seam allowance.

Step 4

To create the second line of your block take the following squares and sew them in a
strip using a 0.5cm (¼”) seam allowance

Step 5

To create the last line of your block take the following squares and sew them in a
strip using a 0.5cm (¼”) seam allowance.

Step 6

To finish your block sew all three rows together using 0.5cm (¼”) seam allowance.

Step 7

To create the blocks for the front of the quilt, repeat the process 19 times to create
20 blocks in total.

Step 8

Now all your blocks are complete add the 32cm (12.5”) sashing to the sides of the blocks,
then add the 42cm (16.5”) sashing to the top and bottom of each block.

Step 9

Lay the blocks out in the order that you like and sew them together in this order to
create your quilt top.

Step 10

Cut a panel of fabric for the reverse side of the quilt and a piece of wadding, ensuring
that both are at least 15cm (6”) larger overall than the quilt top. To construct the quilt,
place the backing on a large flat surface wrong side up then add the wadding. Next,
place the completed quilt top right side up in the centre of the wadding. You should
have excess backing fabric and wadding around all four sides. This allows for movement
when quilting. To keep the layers together, use Stick & Spray on the wadding or secure it
with safety pins, ensuring the layers are as smooth as possible.

Step 11

Quilt the top by hand or machine, using straight line quilting and a walking foot. Trim
the runner on all four sides, ensuring the corners are squared off.

Step 12

To create the binding join 6.5cm (2.5”) wide strips of your chosen fabric colour to create
enough to go around all sides of your quilt. Fold and press it in half lengthways with the
wrong sides facing. Keeping the binding folded, align the raw edges to the edge of one
long sides of the quilt and sew to the first corner leaving a 6cm (2”) tail at the start.
To mitre the corners, stop sewing approximately 0.5cm (¼”) from the corner and fasten
off the thread. Fold the binding straight back towards the corner then fold it back again
at a 45° angle, aligning the fold along the raw edge. Start to sew again and repeat this
along the remaining sides. To join the binding, fold over one of the raw edges and overlap
the two ends, ensuring the other raw edge is hidden.

Step 13

Finally, fold the binding to the reverse side of the quilt and neatly slip stitch in place to finish
your stunning quilt.

You can find more project inspiration here!

We love to see your creations! Please share with us on our Facebook page, tag us on Instagram (#crafterscompanion), on Pinterest (@CraftersCompUK) or on Twitter (@CraftersCompUK)

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