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Beginners Guide: Colouring and Blending with Inkpads

  1. Read time: 4 minutes
  2. Written by: Crafter's Companion

With a whole rainbow of colours  to choose from, inkpads are a fantastic and versatile tool to have in your crafting stash. They can be used to create so many different looks that are just perfect for papercraft and cardmaking.

In this post we’re going to show you how to use inkpads to colour vivid backgrounds, create beautiful blended hues and explore a range of artistic effects.

It’s time to get colourful!

Inkpads for Colouring and Blending 

Spectrum Noir has a whole range of premium inkpads that are designed to help you achieve professional results every time.

Harmony Opaque Pigment Inkpads

Spectrum Noir Opaque Pigment Inkpads are made from pigments rather than dye. Pigment molecules are bigger and need a thicker carrier. This means these inkpads are spongier and the ink is more sticky. The colours in pigment inkpads are bright, vibrant and opaque – so they show up well on darker cardstock as well as light.

Pigment ink doesn’t soak into paper like a dye-based ink; instead, it dries on top. That means the ink takes a little longer to dry on uncoated card or paper. Which gives you time to blend and play with colour to create showstopping backgrounds, images and more.

Harmony Water Reactive Inkpads

The name is a bit of a giveaway so you’ve probably already guessed correctly that Spectrum Noir Water Reactive Inkpads react with water. This gives them a slow drying time which makes them absolutely perfect for blending, layering colour and diffusing.

You can also experiment with water to create a stunning range of blended distress effects, flick, mist or sprinkle water over your colour and see what you can create!

Midas Metallic Inkpads

Midas Metallic Inkpads from Spectrum Noir are pigment inkpads, packed with intense shine, perfect for adding touch of shimmer to your projects.

Each pad is filled with metallic pigment with a generous drying time. So you can blend shimmering shades together to create something really special!

Adding colour and blending with inkpads

Inkpads can be used to produce beautiful effects for papercraft and card creations. And they’re really simple to use – you don’t need to be an artist to create something truly impressive.

Here are a few tools and techniques to help you start your creative journey.

Using Blending Tools

Blending Tools can be used to apply, layer and blend colour on a whole range of surfaces.

The sponge pads have been designed to let the ink sit on top, rather than soak the ink up – so it never gets soggy.

Choose between Spectrum Noir’s Square or Round Blending Tools. The square will cover a large surface area faster so is perfect for creating backgrounds.

And, they’re so easy to use! You don’t need to press down hard, just use the weight of the tool and move in a small circular motion to add layers of different hues and create beautiful blends!

Using Blending Sponges

Compact and dense, blending sponges are ideal for creating a smooth and controlled blend of colour.

These are perfect to use alongside the Opaque Pigment and Midas Metallic inkpads to create beautiful effects.

Blending sponges can be used again and again. Simply rinse under a tap, squeeze out the excess water and leave to dry.

Using Fine Spray Misters

Fine Spray Misters are a great tool to use with Water Reactive Inkpads to create unique and distressed effects. Fine Spray Misters are a great tool to use with Water Reactive Inkpads to create unique and distressed effects. Simply fill with water and with just a few sprays you can create a different result every time! n create a different result every time!

Blending and Colouring inspiration

If this post has got you thinking about experimenting with inkpads to create stunning blended and coloured effects, here are a few finished papercraft projects to get your creative cogs turning

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