Template Library -  Indigo Projects

Double Gatefold Display

Teacup Shaped Card

Double Gatefold Card 

All-In-One Envelope Card

Double Pop-Out Card

Gatefold Easel Card

Beer Mug Card

Pop-Up 3-Tier Cake Card

Triple-Fold Screen Card 

Double Window Card

Stand-Up Mirror Fold Card

Champagne Bottle Card

Pop-up Pixel Heart Card

Concertina Pocket Album

Twist & Pop Card

Template Library

Milk Carton Gift Box

Step Rocker Card

Octagon Shutter Card

Interlocking Square Card

Double Diamond Fan Fold Car

Left Stepper Card

Double Stepper Card

Strawberry Gift Box

3-Step Card

Diamond Fold Card

Concertina Surprise Box

Triangular Gift Box & Pocket

Arrow Fold Card

Pop-Up Book Card

Dutch Fold Heart Card

Tri-Fold Shutter Card

Theatre Fold Card

Infinity Card

Envelope with Liner For 3x6" Cards

Envelope with Liner & Pocket For 4x4" Cards

Bon Bon Gift Box

Handbag Card with Gift Card Holder

Enclosed Stepper Card

Zig Zag Cascade Card

Corner Fold Easle Card

Two Sizes of Pop-Up Diamond Cards

Envelope to fit 4x6" Card & Small Heart Envelope

Envelope for 5x7” Card & Small Pocket

Dimensional Envelope for 6x6" Cards

Envelope for 6x6" & 3x3" Cards