Gemini Pro Accessories - 12" x 18" Cutting Plates for Fabric

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Gemini Pro Accessories - 12" x 18" Cutting Plates for Fabric

Whether you’re a quilting connoisseur, a patchwork perfectionist or just want to get more out of your soft craft projects, the Gemini Pro Cutting Plates for Fabric will help you achieve professional results in a snap!

These plates have been designed to work with Multi Media dies and the Gemini Pro die cutting machine to offer a fabulous time-saving approach to cutting patchwork pieces, or soft craft shapes!

With these plates you can cut multiple layers of fabric with just one pass of the machine! So, you can use Multi Media dies to create precise pieces for quilting, patchwork, appliqué and more!

The Gemini - Cutting Plates for Fabric set includes two 12”x18” cutting plates. They are specially designed to be used with the Gemini Pro machine and will make your usual die-cutting plates last even longer!

With a huge 12” x 12” cutting platform you can cut so much more with just one pass through the Gemini Pro so you really can think big with your soft craft projects! It’s perfect for batch making and larger projects, and also for cutting all elements for your smaller projects in one pass.

The Gemini Pro Cutting Plates for Fabric come complete with instructions. To get started, simply follow the instructions to create the correct combination of your chosen fabric, Multi Media die, Fabric Cutting Plates and two Clear Cutting Plates. Each of the Fabric Cutting Plates has a slightly different thickness, but don’t worry they’ve been engraved with A and B so you’ll know which is which!

Here’s the plate combination to use with your Gemini Pro Cutting Plates for Fabric:

• Start with the Clear Cutting Plate on the bottom.
• Place Fabric Cutting Plate A on top of it.
• Place your fabric to be cut on top of Fabric Cutting Plate A.
(up to 4-8 pieces of thin fabric, 2mm/0.2cm maximum depth).
• Position the Multi Media Die, blade side DOWN towards the fabric, with the smooth side facing UP.
• Place Fabric Cutting Plate B on top of the smooth side of the Multi Media Die.
• Place the other Clear Cutting Plate on top of Fabric Cutting Plate B.
• Align the platform combination and feed it into your Gemini™ machine.
• Release your hold on the platform combination once the motor begins to pull it into the machine.

NOTE: Performance of the die and machine will differ depending on the density of the fabric used. To achieve even wear, we recommend flipping and rotating the plates after every pass through the machine.

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