Pen & Ink Palace

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Great for double-tipped marker storage.
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Marker Organizer - Markers, Pens, Pencils, Ink Pads, Liquid Inks and more!
Now available at your local Hobby Lobby.

You'll love the Pen & Ink Palace as a marker or ink pad organizer.

Fill the shelves with your double-tipped pens to keep them in the proper flat position. The staggered shelf design means nothing is hidden and every item is at your fingertips. Load the pull-out shelves with your ink pads. Big or small, they all fit together here. Do you have matching pens and ink pads? Keep them side-by-side here and you'll never have to search for matching tools. The top shelf is the perfect place to store ink bottles and distressing tools. Everything you need in one "palace"!

If you need to store taller items on the pen shelves, try removing a shelf or two - you'll have a bit more height for stacking things like teardrop inks.

The Pen & Ink Palace is part of the Desk Maid line of helpful desk organizers. Learn more about the Desk Maid product line - click here.

The Pen and Ink Palace also works well for organizing your jewelry making supplies, cosmetics, and more. Click on the "More Photos" tab above to see more uses. Turn the Pen & Ink Palace on its back and it becomes the perfect little file for Planner Supplies. Watch a quick video about this - click here. Tiffany also used the Stamp Pockets to hold her unmounted stamps, dies, and small supplies - learn more.

Slide-out shelf capacity (x5):

COPIC Markers = 17 per row, 102 total
SPECTRUM NOIR Markers = 12 per row, 72 total
PENCILS = approx. 30 per row, 180 total
NARROW, DOUBLE-TIPPED Markers = 17 per row, 102 total

Overall dimensions: 7" tall x 9"wide x 7"deep
Slide-out shelf dimensions: 8.25" w x 4.25"d
Shelf height/clearance: .75"t
Top Tray Dimensions: 8.5" x 3.5"

This product is made of wood and is painted white.

SKU: SPS12-6574
UPC: 852540006574
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