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Dog bone accessory bag

Crafter's Companion – 22/02/20

You guys fell in love with our super easy and adorable dog bandana project, so we thought we’d go one step further and share a project that’s both cute and functional! In this guide, you can learn how to make a dog bone accessory bag, which can be clipped to your furry friend’s collar, the lead or your belt loop!

Inside this bag, you’ll be able to store treats, waste bags, a clicker or any other little bits that you may need for walking your dog.

You will need:

  • Template download
  • Three fat quarters
  • Medium weight iron-on interfacing
  • 12cm zip
  • Snap hook
  • Matching threads
  • Fabric glue pen (optional)
  • Button (optional)

Cutting instructions:

  • Cut four bones from template
  • Hanging loop cut rectangle to 10cm x 4cm
  • Zip tabs to 2cm x 4cm


Use a 0.6cm (0.25″) seam allowance throughout your project. Adjust the neck band to fit your dog’s collar.

Step 1

Trace the box markings from template B on to two bone shapes (front and lining).

Step 2

Sew around the box shape on both front and lining. Cut inside the box (see template B – red line). Fold back the cut raw edges to wrong side and press, revealing a neat rectangle.

Step 3

Place the zip tab wrong side up on the zip ends and sew across the zip teeth 1cm from the end. Fold the tab round the end of the zip and sew the tab down to secure neatly. Repeat the process on both zip ends.

Step 4

Place the prepared zip behind the front panel and position in the rectangle opening. Use a glue pen to hold the zip in place and place the lining behind the zip, ensuring that the fabric is facing right side up. Sew to secure down both edges of the zip.

Step 5

Fold the hanging loop lengthwise, fold raw edges to the middle, then fold on the crease line and edge stitch to secure. Feed through the snap hook. Tuck the raw end between the lining and back, and sew to hold in place.

Step 6

Lay the front and back bones together, making sure the lining is right sides together and the outer panel are right sides facing out. Sew around the edge of the bone using a decorative stitch to complete the project.

We absolutely can’t wait to see all of your dogs wearing this little accessory, so make sure you share any photos of your makes with us on Facebook UKFacebook USATwitterInstagram UKInstagram USPinterest UK or Pinterest US using the hashtag #crafterscompanion.