Pebeo Mirror Effect Metal Leaf - Silver

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  • Perfect for creating a foil effect
  • Use with gilding paste
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Use this Mirror Effect Metal leaf on a variety of surfaces and with the Pebeo gilding pastes.

More information on Foil and Relief:

The foil and relief products from Pébéo consist of an easy-to-use Relief Gilding Paste and an ultra-gloss finish, no fly-away leaf transfer foil . It is compatible with all other products included in the Pébéo Mixed Media program, meaning you can mix and match mediums. Its very easy application allows for the creation of very modern projects in lots of different styles.

There's no mess with the Gédéo Relief Gilding Paste applicator tip, making it really easy to apply; simply squeeze from the tube and draw. The Relief Gilding Paste can also be spread with a painting knife if desired.
To apply, allow the Relief Gilding Paste to dry until it becomes transparent, cover with a sheet of mirror leaf (coloured side up), then apply light pressure with fingers to the sheet to transfer the coloured mirror effect, and remove the foil sheet. The Relief Gilding Paste, once dry, remains tacky for a long period of time, even days if covered with a plastic wrap. The transfer foil can also be applied directly over other mediums while still tacky.
Helpful hints when using the product:
The Relief Gilding Paste tends to shrink while drying, so it's best to anticipate the thickness and coverage of the application according to the desired effect.
It is important to wait until the Relief Gilding Paste is completely transparent before applying the mirror leaf (transfer foil).
Clean gently by hand with soft cloth