Gemini Jnr - Cutting Plates for Fabric

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  • Two cutting plates for fabric
  • Measures 5.8" x 8.7" 
  • Designed for use with Gemini Junior
  • Save time on your softcraft projects!


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Gemini Jnr - Cutting Plates for Fabric

Save valuable time on your softcraft projects with these clever Cutting Plates for Fabric!

These plates offer a fabulous time-saving approach to cutting patchwork pieces, or softcraft shapes as they can cut multiple layers of fabric with just one pass of the machine! So, you can use multi-media dies to create precise pieces for quilting, patchwork, appliqué and more!

The Gemini Junior - Cutting Plates for Fabric set includes two 5.8” x 8.7” cutting plates. They are specially designed to be used with the Gemini Junior machine and will make your usual die-cutting plates last even longer!

To get started, simply follow the instructions to create the correct combination of your chosen fabric, multi-media die, Fabric Cutting Plates and two Clear Cutting Plates. Each of the Fabric Cutting Plates has a slightly different thickness, but don’t worry they’ve been engraved with A and B so you’ll know which is which!

Recommended Combination for Cutting Multiple Layers of Fabric: 

  • Start with the Clear Cutting Plate on the bottom.
  • Place Fabric Cutting Plate A on top of it.
  • Place your fabric to be cut on top of Fabric Cutting Plate A  (up to 4-8 pieces of thin fabric, 2mm/0.2cm maximum depth).
  • Position the Multi Media Die, blade side DOWN towards the fabric, with the smooth side facing UP.
  • Place Fabric Cutting Plate B on top of the smooth side of the Multi Media Die.
  • Place the other Clear Cutting Plate on top of Fabric Cutting Plate B.
  • Align the platform combination and feed it into your Gemini™ machine.
  • Release your hold on the platform combination once the motor begins to pull it into the machine.
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