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Tutorial: A Country Life Decoupage Shadow Box

  1. Read time: 2 minutes
  2. Written by: CraftersCompanion


What a fabulous project! Carole takes you step by step and shows you how you can make this decoupage shadow box too in her tutorial here.

Step 3

Step 1. Print the Decoupage Shadow Box onto Printable Light Card and cut out the full picture panel and sides, and the back box section. Score and concertina fold the sides on both. Make sure the back is folded in the opposite direction to the top. Mark the centre of each, then stick the flat areas together, lining up the marks.

Step 4aStep 4b

Step 2. Use Collall All Purpose glue to stick the concertina ends together, making sure to squash the ends down to ensure they will move correctly.

Step 5a Step 5b

Step 3. Cut and score the extra side pieces. Stick to the back of the shadow box. Fix to the top of the concertina with small pieces of double sided tape. This will be covered later.

Step 4. Cut out the two decoupage layers. Cut a little extra off the sides, so that the image does not buckle when inserting into the shadow box.

Step 7

Step 5. Build up layers or foam pads or tape on the back picture. Add Collall 3D Glue Gel in the gaps if required, and remove the backing from the foam tape/pads. Put double sided tape on the sides of the first layer of decoupage. Remove the backing of the tape from one side, insert into the highest valley fold and stick, making sure to push the side of the box in, and line up the image. Stick down the other side of the image, again pushing the sides of the box inwards. Repeat for the next layer – inserting into the same valley fold.

Step 6. Cut out the aperture from the top layer, and stick to the top and sides of the shadow box.

Step 9

Step 7. Stick the two parts of the stand together, and fix to the back of the box. You could mount the box onto another, larger piece of card, then fix the stand to that.

Step 10

Step 8. Decorate with a sentiment from the CD and a few flat backed pearls.

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