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All About Totally Tiffany Buddy Bags!

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  2. Written by: Crafters

You can never have too many friends, and we have a whole gang of new names for you to get to know – the Buddy Bag collection from Totally-Tiffany! So much more than ‘just a bag’, these clever storage devices are a triple threat – easy to use at home, easy to take to an event, and easy to put away.

There are 18 Buddy Bags, each named after a crafter in the life of Totally-Tiffany founder, Tiffany Spaulding. Each bag is designed to store and organise different types of crafting tools and supplies. So whether you’re a papercrafter, artist, sewist or quilter you’ll have a place for everything in your stash!

Read on to meet all of the Buddy Bags in the range…

What are Buddy Bags?

Buddy Bags were created when Tiffany of Totally-Tiffany was looking for a way to keep her crafting supplies organised at home, but also portable to and easy to pick up and take to classes and events.

Made from clear vinyl, each bag is designed to keep your pens, dies, stamps, sewing tools, fabric, embellishments, inkpads and more – visible and within easy reach at all times!

What makes them different?

Ok, vinyl storage bags aren’t new – but the Buddy Bags have a number of clever features, all designed with the crafter in mind!

  • Each bag has a lightweight plastic tray or liner, strong enough to give the bags shape and stability as well as making it even easier to keep your crafting bits and bobs in perfect order
  • The bags and inner trays are all perfectly clear- so you can always see what’s inside
  • Buddy Bags all feature a sturdy strap or ribbon pull attached to the top – making it easier to grab and pull from its spot on the shelf, or from inside your tote bag with just one hand!

All of these features combine to make Buddy Bags easy to use in not one, not two but three ways!

  • Easy to use at home – grab it from the shelf and open it up on your workspace
  • Easy to put away – once you’re done, slide your Buddy Bag bag onto the shelf, no mess and no fuss!
  • Easy to take to an event – perfectly portable and able to hold so many elements of your crafting stash!

Get to know the whole gang!

It’s time to meet all of the different Buddy Bags! Whatever your craft, there’s a Buddy Bag for you – and now’s the time to find your perfect match…


The perfect magnetic ink pad organiser, with two inner trays Barbara can store up to 10 at a time.

Dimensions: 7.75″L x 3.75″W x 5.5″T (19.75cm x 9.5cm x 14cm)


Organise rulers, knitting needles and more with Brandee. This bag has a long pull out tray so you can easily access shorter items.

Dimensions:  13″L x 4.5″W x 2.5″T  (33cm x 11.5cm x 6.3cm)


With four interior trays, Dawn is perfect for those fiddly bits and pieces and smaller crafting and sewing supplies such as buttons and sequins!

Dimensions: 11.75″L x 2.5″W x 3.5-4.5″T (29.5cm x 6cm x 9-11.5cm)


Perfect for storing pencils or single and double-tipped markers, Debra also doubles up as a pen or pencil holder. Single stand the bag up on your workspace and roll back the top!

Dimensions: 7″ x 4.25″ x 2.5″ (17.8cm x 10.8cm x 6cm),


With three inner trays, Denise is a great die and stamp organiser!

Dimensions:  5.5″T x 8.25″D x 5.5″W  (14cm x 21cm x 14cm)


Keep those rolls of ribbon neat and tidy with Edna! Simply pull the ribbon out and close the lid to create a ready-to-use ribbon dispenser!

Dimensions:  11.25″L x 4″W x 3.5″T  (28.5cm x 10.2cm x 9cm)


With Gail you can keep your colours in rainbow order whether it’s paints, sprays, mists or more! This bag can also hold up to 11 glue tape pens, perfect for papercrafters…

Dimensions: 11″L x 2.5″W x 4.75″T


This is the perfect place to store your inkpad collection! With two closure options, Irene allows you to access your pads with ease!

Dimensions: 7.5″ x 3.25″ x 4.5″(tall) or 3.5″(tall)


Organise your card blanks and finished card projects with Karen. You can fit card sizes up to 6″ x 6″ and 5″ x 7″ inside this bag.

Dimensions: 8.25″ x 4.5″ x 7.25″ (21cm x 11.5cm x 18.5cm)


Katya is a very versatile bag- able to store dies, stamps and stencils plus sewing supplies such as lace, elastic and trims! Perfect for those multi crafters out there…

Dimensions: 12.5″L x 4″W x 5″T (31.8cm x 10.2cm x 12.7cm)


A great all-rounder, Leanne can store your smaller papercraft and sewing tools ready to take to an event! This bag is also great for punches, inkpads and fat quarters!

Dimensions: 12.5″ L x 4.5″ T x 4.5″ D ( 31.8cm x 11.5cm x 11.5cm)


Monica is specifically designed to hold 4″ x 6″ items – such as embossing folders, card blanks, inkpads and more. It’s also a fantastic way to store photographs!

Dimensions:  6.75″w x 3.75″d x 4.25″t  (17 cm x 9.5cm x 11cm)


Soft craft lovers – this one is for you! Myrel is just perfect for keeping those fiddly little sewing tools securely stashed away. Side flaps closing off the ends of the bag keep those smaller items from escaping!

Dimensions:  11.25″ x 3.5″ x 4″ (28.5cm x 9cm x 10.2cm)


This bag has been designed to hold Spectrum Noir TriBlend Markers -with a three-step platform insert to make it easier to grab each pen!

Dimensions:  9” tall x 6” wide x 2” deep


Long and thin – Shelly is ideal for holding rolls of tape or ribbon in place!

Dimensions: 11″ L x 2″ W x 2.25″T (28.cm x 5cm x 5.5cm)


Keep your larger inkpads where you can see them so each colour is always accessible!

Dimensions: 8″W x 4.25″ D x 4″T (20cm x 10.5cm x 10cm)


Round up all of those little ink bottles and glitter pots and pop them inside this Buddy Bag!

Dimensions: 11″ L x 1.25″ W x 3″ T (28cm x 3.3cm x 7.7cm)


Keep your dual-tipped markers and larger pens and pencil safe and secure in the Terri bag!

Dimensions: 8.25″T x 2.5″D x 4.5″W (21cm x 6.3cm x 11.5cm)

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know the Totally-Tiffany Buddy Bag range- it’s such an easy and inexpensive way to organise nearly everything in your craft collection!

If this post has inspired you to spruce up your craft space and make more room for making – then keep your eyes peeled for more Totally-Tiffany posts, where we’ll be taking a deep dive into more of her core products!

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